Pathfinder MK8 – Portable Pathfinder for 11 & 33KV networks

The highly successful portable MK8 Pathfinder is used as a linesman or fault repair team’s tool to localize either an earth fault, or a phase to phase fault on an 11 or 33KV overhead line   The Portable FPI can be strapped to a clean pole at eye level and after re-energising the line, will tell the operator whether the fault is beyond that pole.  With a number of units, a sometimes hard to find fault can be pin pointed very quickly.

The MK8 is powered by a long life Lithium battery which will give at least an 8 year life under normal operating conditions. A battery test facility is built into the switch on routine.


  • Portable engineer’s tool that is carried in his van and used on any fault for which he is called out.
  • Can be moved to different locations to  pin-point the location of the fault very accurately.
  • Variable sensitivity control gives an increased response to low fault current where  fault levels are low.
  • Supplied with pole strap and hard ABS case for three MK8 units.
  • Sealed enclosure for environmental protection. Can be left out on the network to locate re-occuring transient faults.