PATHFINDER 360 Alpha Comms


The Pathfinder 360 Alpha Comms is the option of including a modem and communications package to the Pathfinder 360 Alpha.  This gives it the ability to communicate one way to a mobile telephone, or two way to an alarm data management software platform, such as I-Host.  The ability to send alarm data to a management platform, which then may be integrated to the Company SCADA network allows engineers to very quickly identify fault locations, leading to  very much reduced restoration times.  The ‘Comms’ package is integrated within the same enclosure, and allows a heartbeat message to be sent say once a week to give the status of the instrument, including battery life and RSSI  data.

During this heartbeat message the operational  characteristics of the instrument can be changed remotely without having to visit the unit.


  • Messaging via GSM (data-call) or GPRS from a standard SIM Card.
  • Heartbeat data confirms the health of the outstation on a regular basis.
  • Operating parameters, such as sensitivity adjustments can be made remotely.
  • Messages can be directed to multiple locations, including on-call mobile telephones.
  • Ultra low power demand ensures a 10 year life, even with the addition of the Comms package.
  • Commissioning from dedicated Web-page, or from the alarm data management PC, or by the manufacturer.
  • Time stamping of the fault event.